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Thank you for visiting Kandake Soul Music Productions. Here you will find my diverse instrumental music along with information about the soundtrack for my first novel Journey through Darkness available now. Enjoy!

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Darkness Before the Light: The Journey through Darkness Soundtrack.

Amazon Ancestors I

Amazon Ancestors II

Lioness of Kush

War Drum

Season of the Scorpion

The Calling

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Soul Expression

The Listener's Lounge

For background or mood music, while you work, create, or relax...

Turn on your speakers and enjoy! Be sure to revisit periodically to hear what's new!

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  • You will need Apple's Quick Time 7 media software to listen to the tracks. www.apple.com/quicktime/
  • You can adjust the volume or pause at the bottom of the screen.
  • Some tracks require free membership login for listening. Please sign in or sign up.



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Journey through Darkness

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